Why concrete is such a versatile product

August 12, 2021

Concrete is a much-loved material with endless uses in and around the home.

From charcoal to terracotta, concrete’s colour has the power to affect the aesthetics and value of your home, making excellent concrete colourants very valuable. At Auckland concrete paving manufacturing company Slatecrete, we understand the importance of quality, consistent and long-lasting colours, which is why we use only the best colourants in our range of concrete paving products.

What Are Iron Oxide Colourants?

Slatecrete proudly uses Permacolour’s Colourmix, one of the leading and most innovative concrete colouring systems available in New Zealand. Permacolour uses iron oxides to colour the concrete, and it’s this iron oxides that gives us the results our customers love.

Up to European and American standards, our iron oxides let us offer a wide range of concrete colours for internal applications like concrete kitchen benchtops and flooring, as well as external ones, like pool surrounds and patios. Our iron oxide colourants come in powdered form, which makes it easy to mix and economical to use.

What Goes into Colouring Concrete?

There is a science to colouring concrete and the method includes sand, cement, aggregates, water, and pigments. To obtain a consistent colour, you need a precise balance of all these ingredients and an expert mixing technique.

Benefits of Iron Oxide

Here’s a few of the qualities that make iron oxide a first-rate concrete colourant:

  • Long-lasting – our colourants won’t fade
  • Non-toxic – for a healthier home
  • UV stable – any outdoor concrete will stand up to the NZ sunshine
  • Affordable – because it’s easy to transport, mix and use, iron oxide is an economical way to colour your concrete
  • Designer colours available – for truly unique, one-of-a-kind results

Why Colouring Concrete Well is Crucial

Concrete is an excellent material to use both inside and out of the home: it is natural and durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. It’s also extremely long-lasting, so it’s no doubt that customers who select this top-notch material want an equally beautiful and enduring colour to complete the piece.

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